Cardinal Owen McCann was South Africa’s first Catholic Cardinal and an influential player in the country’s (religious) history, he was also my husband’s great-uncle. I tell you of the connection to explain my fascination with this – thus far – family legend, and for full disclosure. I never met the Cardinal, although my husband has sketchy memories of him and my father-in-law has clearer ones.

What has become clear though is that apart from a short, official biography on Wikipedia and a few press articles, there is little information about the man that was Cardinal McCann. I am on a quest to fill out the details and capture personal memories from people who worked with him, from family,  people who met him and from people who were affected by his work.

As with all people with any amount of power and decision making capacity, he could be a divisive personality, and we will try and flesh out the good and bad … with deference to the fact that he is not able to defend himself or explain his decisions.

If you have a memory to share, please send it through to me at jenni@richcontent.co.za . The mission is to find the man, not just the dates, so no memory is too insignificant.


Jenni McCann