SA Cardinal due to retire

A newspaper clipping eluding to the Cardinal’s expected retirement.

“Owen Cardinal McCann, the Catholic Archbishop of Cape Town who is due to retire this year, received a rosary among other gifts from Pope John Paul II during his recent visit to the Vatican. He will celebrate his 77th birthday next Tuesday, when he will be the guest of the Cape Town City Council at a luncheon. In 1982 he was asked by the Pope to remain in office for another two years. An announcement about Cardinal McCann’s retirement is expected next week. His successor will be announced from the Vatican.” (1984)


Pope John XXIII with Cardinal Owen McCann

I am busy scouting through the photos I have of Cardinal McCann as it seems like as good a place to start as any. There are a fair few which I will share as time goes by, and I have made my first appointments to meet with some of his contemporaries, so the stories and memories will follow.

It was exciting to find out that one of the nuns my husband has occasion to work with at Vincent Pallotti Hospital nursed the Cardinal when he died. It’s a funny old world.

Picture: Pope John XXIII with Cardinal Owen McCann in his office in the Vatican.